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Jo Mora

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August 17-19, 2018

Agenda represents previous event in 2018.   
Show & Sale featuring Vaquero-Style Art, Gear, Exhibits, Horsemanship Demos,

Entertainment & More! Join us and share in the history and celebration of

California's Vaquero Heritage

Guest Artist

Friday Concert

Saturday Concert

Shannon Lawlor

Captures traditional CA bridle horse refined culture in depth with her brush strokes.

Dave Stamey

Award-winning singer, songwriter, performer, WMA Hall of Fame member.

Juni Fisher

Award-winning singer, songwriter, horsewoman, WMA Entertainer of Year.

The California Vaquero's Legacy Continues!

Vaquero Horsemen Presentations by…

Jeffrey Mundell

Eagerly greets each day on the ranch, embracing buckaroo lifestyle rooted in the CA vaquero.

Heather Kornemann

Combines CA vaquero-style horsemanship and stockmanship with being a full-time cowboy.

Buddy Montes

Raised on historic Tejon Ranch, 5th generation working vaquero who upholds bridle horse traditions.

Jeff Derby

Feels gear & techniques of early Californios very relevant in today's equine & ranching worlds.

Jo Johnson

Dedicated Morgan stock horse breeder/trainer with a vaquero touch - "Jaquima a Freno".